About Us

Who We Are

Thank you for visiting the State of San Andreas’s web site to learn more about us!

The vision of the San Andreas Public Safety Commission is to provide a body of support to law enforcement agencies throughout the state, create a standard way of training and enforcement, and provide security and enforcement throughout the state.

Core Values

The core values of the SAPSC are as follows:

  • Server Our Communities
  • Lead Our Communities
  • Respect and Protect Our Communities
  • Prevent Crime in Our Communities

What do we do?

While the SAPSC functions as its own independent community (and we encourage you to join us), we also strive to make the greater FiveM community as a whole better, and as a result, we offer services, partnerships, and accreditation to other communities looking to start and grow!

Part of our vision is to encourage growth at all levels of membership, including recruits, members, members of staff, and community leadership and administrators. It is important that communities we work with embody these or similar values as well, and commit to working as a group with the member communities of the commission.

Community Departments

Our main departments are:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff's Office
  • Los Santos Fire Department (not currently active)
  • San Andreas Communications Department (not currently active)
  • Civilian Operations

We also offer several other internal departments for our members to specialize in different areas of service:

  • Office of Internal Services
    • Office of Training Operations
    • Office of Recruitment and Media Operations
    • Office of Technology Services
  • Office of External Services (coming soon)

Check out our application page to see if any new or existing departments are seeking members!